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Partnering with our sister company Exquisite Jewelz; we are now offering every new bride that books with us this exclusive "Paparazzi 2022 Zi Collection  "Exquisite" 
Simply sign a contract for over $1000, pay your deposit to secure your date, and receive "Exquisite"  for "FREE"

Silver, teardrop-shaped frames are stacked on-point below airy marquise cutouts, creating a subtle figure-eight. The hourglass shapes are threaded along invisible wires, falling into place alongside diamond-shaped frames, created by artfully aligned, smaller, teardrop silhouettes. Glittery rhinestones encrust the larger teardrop-shaped frames, with solitaire rhinestones dotting the others; the result is a blinding display of irresistible shimmer that leads to a heart-stopping centerpiece. The fierce focal point emerges as rhinestone-encrusted borders wrap around an exaggerated white teardrop, giving way to an explosion of radiating teardrops, each derived from the glittery frames that dance along the neckline. Features an adjustable clasp closure.

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